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Daily Rates

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Our Holiday camps offer a safe and fun all Indoor option for your child this Summer and for future school vacations- following the Valhalla School Diistrict Calendar. 



For sports enthusiasts, our camp offers a wide range of athletic activities to keep them active and energized. Activities include:

Soccer, Dodgeball, Field Games, Flag Football, T-Ball and Basketball Skills to name a few.

Campers will engage in friendly competitions, receive instructional mini lessons, and develop their sportsmanship and teamwork skills. Whether they are beginners or aspiring athletes, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Throw in some exciting: Free play on our indoor adventure playground,  Arts & Crafts and you have a fantastic fun filled, energetic  morning or day of camp. 


Safety and Expert Staff:

At our summer camp, safety is our top priority. We maintain a secure and supervised environment with trained staff members who are passionate about working with children. Our instructors and counselors are experienced, certified, and dedicated to ensuring that every camper has a positive, enriching and fun experience.

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