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The Play Place is open for your enjoyment!


Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 11 am

(check Home Page for adjusted times)

Monday - Friday 9am - 2.45pm & 3.45pm - 6pm

 Our play structure, field, tennis court, basketball court, and the general area are open to the public especially for the start of the bad weather. 


As always, KIDS AND THEIR SAFETY is always our number 1 priority. 

1. We are only open for play daily and we reserve the right to change that schedule.

(Please check our homepage for update schedule)

2. Prepaid Reservation recommended

3. No outside food or snacks allowed

2-hour play admission

Ages 12 months and up


Per Adults


How to book your Open Play

or walk-in are welcomed

  1. Log on to ""

  2. Login or Create an account with us.

  3. The client's name should be your child's name

  4. On our "Calendar" locate "Open Play slots" in Light Blue

  5. Locate the calendar and Click on the desired playtime slot.

  6. Select"Buy Package"

  7. Select "Open Play" in "Reservation Type"

  8. Select the correct amount of children and adults and hit "buy"

Once you have created an account you will be able to use this in the future

*If you are experiencing any challenges please email: or

call 914-347-5291





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